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Individually remastered albums

Billboard Online announced today that Warner Brothers will release all nine of Paul Simon’s studio albums featured in the upcoming box set Complete Studio Recordings: 1972-2000 individually, featuring remastered sound and previously unreleased bonus tracks, during the month of July: The nine albums that make up the June 29 Paul Simon boxed set “The Studio Recordings: 1972-2000″ will be issued… Read more →

Supporting John Kerry

From the Associated Press: Singers host Kerry fund-raising event May 21, 2004 NEW CANAAN, Conn. — Singers Paul Simon and Edie Brickell hosted a $1 million fund-raiser with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry Friday night, but when it came to music there were only the sounds of silence. Simon and his wife Brickell did not perform at the fund-raiser although… Read more →

Box Set

Quite an interesting discussion today on the merits of the upcoming nine-disc box set at amps. Granted, much of the material to be included in the box has been around for a while (it is, after all, a box set), though Paul’s pre-nineties output could use a sound polish. However, the bonus tracks look riveting – here are my initial… Read more →

Happy S&G Day

According to a reliable friend, May 20th was recently annointed Simon & Garfunkel Day in New York City. In celebration, we at Lasers will be spinning Bleecker Street and The 59th Street Bridge Song all day long. How will you be celebrating? Let us know in the comments! Read more →

Live from New York

The Empire State Building is lit up in blue and yellow tonight in honour of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, who are about to receive a special honour from the Children’s Health Fund. The dynamic duo, who donated a million bucks to the charity Paul co-founded with Dr. Irwin Redelener in the eighties, will be honoured in a special ceremony… Read more →

Yankee Clipper II

From today’s New York Daily News, a story you may have heard before – of note is that Paul is the recipient of a couple of honours and that he and Edie are fighting the good fight for John Kerry: When Joe D. waxed lyrical Back in the ’60s, the entire country was singing Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” and… Read more →

Box set cover image has what it claims is the cover image for the upcoming nine-disc box set, Studio Recordings 1972-2000: The handwritten manuscript featured here is the first draft of “You Can Call Me Al,” then known as “In The Himalayas.” It’s quite possible this is an early shot and that the final product will change – though the use of ITH… Read more →

New Paul Simon box set

Billboard Online announced today that Warner Brothers has pegged June 29th as the release date of the rumoured nine-disc Paul Simon box set, The Studio Recordings 1972-2000. In addition to providing remastered sound (like last year’s On My Way, Don’t Know Where I’m Goin’: The Paul Simon Collection and the non-U.S. greatest hits collection, Shining Like A National Guitar), Studio… Read more →

What happened to the news?

Welcome to Lasers in the Jungle News v2.0 – the Web’s first Paul Simon blog. For old news, including our that of our relaunch yesterday, click here. We at Lasers have decided to abandon the old straight news format, in favour of a more informal and interactive blog. I’ll be updating the news here on a (semi-) regular basis (don’t… Read more →