Monthly Archives: June 2004

Simon & Garfunkel Eno Mayer

Paul Simon joined John Mayer tonight (and American Idol judge and former Journey – Woo! – bassist Randy Jackson) for the d├ębut episode of In Tune on VH1. If any friends of Lasers in the Jungle care to share a taped copy of the episode (or burned onto DVD or VCD or whatever), drop me a line. You can sample… Read more →

Hit the road and they’re gone

Aside from revising their History of S&G shtick a little and possibly featuring a new guitarist (though we’re not sure if the supposed new bandmember is merely Larry Saltzman, the exceptionally talented guitarist who was on the fall 2003 leg of the tour, his replacement, or Freddy Washington, who is replacing Pino Palladino), Simon & Garfunkel are bringing their otherwise… Read more →

“New” S&G song

Simon & Garfunkel will “debut” a “new” song on NPR’s Weekend Edition (preview below) this Saturday. Why the quotation marks? The supposedly new song is only somewhat new. It is “Citizen of the Planet,” a song Paul wrote in 1983 for Hearts and Bones that never made the album. He performed it a couple of times, on the 1983 S&G… Read more →

Simon & Eno?

As the S&G tour continues this summer, with stops in mostly new markets in the U.S. and a foray to Europe, Paul & Art sat down separately to talk to the Associated Press’s David Bauder. Aside from some frank discussion about the (lack of a) future for S&G as a recording and touring entity, Paul mentionned that he is working… Read more →