Monthly Archives: January 2005

Strange but true

From the Monterey County-Herald: Q: Can you tell me about the song that was played on “Guiding Light” at Phillip Spaulding’s funeral? Who sang the song and what was the title? I would like to get the CD and any help would be appreciated. | — E.C., Johnston, Pa. A: That was Paul Simon’s “Quiet,” from his 2000 CD “You’re… Read more →

Out of tune

As much as we enjoyed the Paul Simon/John Mayer special that aired on VH1 last spring, we at Lasers are not all that surprised to learn today that In Tune has been pink slipped: (Sorry if you have to fill out the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s annoying web survey.) “In Tune” premiered in June with a joint performance by singer-songwriters Paul Simon… Read more →