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From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

CD Reviews: Simon gives delivers a pleasant ‘Surprise’ Sunday, May 7, 2006 ‘Surprise’ Paul Simon (Warner Bros.) “Surprise” is Paul Simon’s headphone album, his “Dark Side of the Moon.” Collaborating with ambient music master Brian Eno opens up Simon’s music to textures and tones heretofore unheard in his music. For the most part, the collaboration works. On the first track,… Read more →

New York Times Review

Paul Simon’s Electric Sonic Texture Test By ALAN LIGHT Published: May 7, 2006 It’s a weird time to be a 60-year-old in pop music,” said Paul Simon, whose new album, “Surprise” — his first in six years — will be released Tuesday. “If this record found a significant audience, I wouldn’t be shocked, because I think it came out of… Read more →

Don’t forget to tune in!

Paul will be on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow, catching up with the Tiffany Network’s Harry Smith. Here’s the program info: SIMON SAYS Paul Simon has been making music for five decades. We caught up with the legendary recording artist as he prepared to release his new CD, Surprise. Simon, 64 years old now, tells The Early Show‘s Harry Smith that… Read more →