Monthly Archives: July 2006

“In the song when the wires are hushed”

The second installment in the Lasers in the Jungle track-by-track look at Surprise. It’s difficult to imagine a songwriter whose output is as consistently satisfying as Paul Simon “locked in a struggle for the right combination – of words in a melody line,” as he sings jazzily, trailing the beat just enough. It’s easier to imagine Simon taking “ a… Read more →

Le son de Simon

Decent tribute at the jazz festival. Enjoyable, but hit and miss. A setlist and some first impressions: Show begins with a recording of Leonard Cohen, local boy, reciting The Sound of Silence. Cohen interspersed variations on “Paul Simon, Wednesday Morning, 3AM, The Sound of Silence” between verses (stanzas?). Kinda cool. Kinda odd. Not really jazz. Whatever. Colin “Cougar Mellencamp” James:… Read more →