Welcome to the New Lasers in the Jungle

Rather, welcome to PaulSimonWeb.com, the third iteration of an unofficial Paul Simon website. Longtime readers might remember that this site was first known as “Hey Capeman! The Paul Simon Site,” coming online on New Year’s Day 1999. Since then, it has changed names and web servers. It appears it’s time, once again, for a change.

Over the course of the next few weeks, expect to see some overdue activity as new parts come online (old parts currently not functional should be back sooner or later). In the eight years this website has been active, the Paul Simon footprint on the web has increased exponentially. Great websites are updated regularly – even dozens of concerts are available for download (if you know where to look). This site’s evolution will not merely be cosmetic. It won’t duplicate what’s already being done, but will seek to once again stake out an appropriate corner of the Paul Simon web. But first, its operator has to get the hang of WordPress, a new host and lots and lots of design-related hiccups. Those interested in offering comments or assistance should speak up (use the comments or send an email to hurricane DOT eye AT gmail DOT com). This site always intended to bring Paul’s fans together online, and that has largely occurred, overwhelmingly due to the work of others. Here’s to keeping it up.

In the meantime, update those bookmarks and stay tuned.