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Best Homeward Bound

“Homeward Bound” exists in many incarnations. From the folk-rock Simon & Garfunkel arrangement of the 1960s to the Flamenco and piano jazz Simon & Garfunkel take from 2003-04, Paul Simon’s best road song has clearly stood the test of time. But what’s the best version? Well, I’m partial to the “Old Friends” tour approach, which highlighted the band. Warren Bernhardt… Read more →

A Boxer and Child Reunion of Sorts

The opening bars to “The Boxer,” perhaps Paul Simon’s most enduring song, are instantly recognizable because of one man: Fred Carter Jr., the Nashville session player whose cascading melody line (in an alternate tuning) introduces the song’s first verse. Fred’s daughter, Deana, is releasing an album in October that features both her dad’s playing and a version of “The Boxer”… Read more →

Simon & Garfunkel Mayer Eno Masekela?

In an interview with the Scotsman on Sunday, legendary flugelhorn player and Graceland show star Hugh Masekela hinted at a possible world tour with Paul Simon: Masekela and Simon reunite over Darfur MIKE WADE LEGENDARY musicians Hugh Masekela and Paul Simon – who played together in the controversial Graceland tour of 1986 – are to reunite in a series of… Read more →