Monthly Archives: December 2008

Sunday Gospel: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Sunday Gospel, a new feature here at Paul Simon Web, examines the threads of Gospel music that run through Paul Simon’s work, an impressive collection considering Simon is a short, white, Jewish guy from Queens. Here’s a monster of a first take – Paul Simon, Luther Vandross, Jennifer Hudson and a Gospel choir with an over-the-top take on “Bridge Over… Read more →

Cracks in the Door: Simon on Two Georges – Gershwin and Harrison

Occasionally this blog will look “back through the cracks in the door,” taking a moment to revisit some overlooked aspects of Paul Simon’s career. To get things started, here’s Simon discussing two musical legends: George Gershwin and George Harrison. The essay on Gershwin comes from the New York Times, which ran a series of articles about the prototypical New York… Read more →

Bizarro Papa Hobo

From DJ Earworm comes this astounding mashup of the work-in-progress version of “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes” and Django Reinhardt’s “Brazil.” Perhaps the greatest cross-cultural, inter-generational, world-jazz-groove of all time. A revelation. Brazilian Diamonds Read more →


Lyrics, 1964-2008, the new collection of Paul Simon’s song lyrics, has been released. The handsome book contains almost everything Simon has written these past 45 years, from the earliest Simon & Garfunkel attempts at capital-T truth to the Broadway lines of The Capeman to the elliptical lines that have characterized his most recent efforts. It even includes a handful of… Read more →